School of Manufacturing Systems and Mechanical Engineering (MSME)
Dr. Chung-Hao Hsu (Lecturer)
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  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA
  • MS in Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
  Research Areas
  • Nano energy with application in renewable energy technologies and thermal management of integrated circuits (IC), Materials science and engineering, Nanotechnology fabrication, Mechanical design and automotive engineering, Finance theory in technology management
  Research Interests

Nano Energy

Developing materials that can conduct electricity easily, but block the motion of phonons is necessary in the applications of thermoelectric devices, which can generate electricity from temperature differences. In converse, a key requirement as chips get faster is to obtain better ways to dissipate heat. Controlling heat transfer in these crystalline materials devices — such as silicon — is important. The heat is actually the motion or vibration of atoms known as phonons. Finding ways to manipulate the behavior of phonons is crucial for both energy applications and the cooling of integrated circuits.

  Work Experiences
  • 2013 – Present: SIIT
  • 2009 – 2013: Teaching and Research Assistant, Texas A&M University, USA
  List of Publications

International Conferences

  1. Purbowaskito, Widagdo; and Chung-Hao Hsu (2016). Design of an agricultural robotic platform with omni-directional motion, MATEC Web of Conferences: Collection of 2016 Chiang Mai Conferences: Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Computer and Digital Manufacturing (ICCDM 2016), 14-16 May 2016, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 5 p.
  2. Purbowaskito, Widagdo; and Chung-Hao Hsu (2016). Design and control of a high maneuverability all-terrain robot platform, MATEC Web of Conferences: Collection of 2016 Singapore Conferences: Proceedings of the 2016 5th International Conference on Advances in Mechanics Engineering (ICAME 2016), 23-25 June 2016, Singapore, 5 p.