Construction industry is one of the largest sectors in the economic system of Thailand. It is unfortunate that so little importance has been given to this large sector during the past development plan of Thailand especially on the issue of technology development. Lack of interest and investment in research & development of construction and maintenance has created many problems in practices. The problems caused by improper practices and inadequate knowledge in all related steps (analysis & design, material selection, construction control, and maintenance planning and operation). The problems appear in the forms of many early damages and deterioration of the existing structures under service. In similar manner, the necessity of an environmentally friendly and energy saving technologies has not been sufficiently emphasized. At present, there has still been no research and development center that is set up for solving these national problems even though great demands have been expected not only from public sector but also from the private sector. There are a large number of companies or public organizations that do not have R&D personnel and facilities for their problem solving and technology development.
Construction and Maintenance Technology Research Center (CONTEC) was founded, by the collaboration between the National Metal & Materials Technology Center (MTEC) and Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT), Thammasat University, with the aim to be a leading R&D based institute for solving the aforementioned problems.


To be a spearhead to serve the needs of construction industry in Thailand as well as to be a serving agent for the sustainable infrastructure development of Thailand via research and development.


Construction and Maintenance Technology Research Center (CONTEC) will be established mainly to carry out research and development projects on technologies required for solving problems and creating innovation in the following major areas;
  • Performance-based design of structures
  • Development of environmentally friendly and energy construction materials
  • Advance construction materials
  • Modern construction techniques
  • Service life and performance evaluation of the damaged or deteriorated structures
  • Non-destructive testing technologies
  • Monitoring & maintenance planning of Infrastructures
  • Repair & strengthening design and planning
  • Materials for structural repair

    CONTEC Logo

    1. Resemble characters "C&M" which means "Construction and Maintenance"
    2. Symbolize "Water, Land, Road, Building&Bridge"
    3. Toward sustainable development and bright future


    Opening Ceremony of "Construction and Maintenance Technology Research Center (CONTEC)"



    Full Scholarship for Master Degree of Engineering (CONTEC Scholarship)

    Contruction and Maintenance Technology Research Center(CONTEC)
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