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The institute reserves the right to revise its charges for tuition and education support fees and to establish other fees as may be required by increased educational costs.
Tuition fee 

The tuition fee which includes charges for instruction and academic advice is 3,600 Baht per credit.
Education Support Fees
The fees include services other than instruction, such as library, publications, thesis support, computing facility, counseling, and placement, but do not cover the cost of damage to or loss of university property. The fees are charged at the following rates: 
Regular semester: 53,760 Baht per semester (or 41,260 Baht if the number of registered credits is less than or equal to 6 credits)
Summer session: 26,450 Baht for summer session (or 20,200 Baht if the number of registered credits is less than or equal to 3 credits)

Status maintaining: 4,800 Baht per semester. 
The total tuition and education support fee per semester is approximately 86,160 Baht for 9 credits.
Other fees such as late payment fee, late registration fee, and fine for overdue books may be charged when applicable.

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Semester Period

  • First Semester: August - December
  • Second Semester: January-May
  • Summer Session: June-July