FAQs (Graduate Programs)

1. Question: What programs are offered at SIIT?

    Answer:    1. Master of Engineering

- Master of Engineering Program in Engineering Technology

- Master of Engineering Program in Information and Communication Technology for Embedded Systems (ICTES) (Available for August semester, only)

- Master of Engineering Program in Logistics and Supply Chain Systems Engineering (LSCSE)

                       2. Master of Science

- Master of Science Program in Engineering and Technology

- Master of Science Program in Management Mathematics

                       3. Doctor of Philosophy

- Doctor of Philosophy Program in Engineering and Technology


                For more details of each program, please visit:



2. Question: When will the semester start?

    Answer:   There are 2 semesters each year at SIIT.

                   - First semester starts in August.

                   - Second semester starts in January.

                   Please check our Academic Calendar at:



3. Question: Where can I find a name list of professors at SIIT?

    Answer:    Please check the name list at:  



4. Question:  How many credits are required for a Master's degree and Doctoral degree?

     Answer:   39 credits for Master's degree (2 years of study)

                      60 credits for Doctoral degree (3 years of study)


5. Question: How much is the tuition fee per semester?

    Answer:   The total tuition and educational support fees per semester are approximately 86,160 Baht per 9 credits.


6. Question: What are the requirements for applying for a scholarship?

    Answer:    The requirements are listed in this link:


7. Question:  Is there an application fee?

    Answer:    No.


8. Question:  Are letters of recommendation required? Who is eligible to write my letters of recommendation?

    Answer:    Yes, two letters of recommendation are required from your previous advisor and/or professor.

                        A letter of recommendation from your supervisor may also be used if you are currently working.

                        The letter of recommendation form can be downloaded (end of online application form).


9. Question: Do I have to send in hardcopies of my application documents to SIIT?

     Answer:  No, all documents should be submitted online through the Online Application on the SIIT website.


10. Question: Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

      Answer:   Yes, you can, but please first apply for a currently available scholarship program. (EFS scholarship for foreign student or ETS scholarship for Thai student)


11. Question: If I do not have an English proficiency test score, can I still apply?

      Answer:   Yes, but you must take an English proficiency test and submit your score before

                         the 1st semester ends.

                       These are the minimum English requirements for admissions, as follows:

  • TOEFL 400 (paper-based) or
  • TOEFL 97 (computer-based) or
  • TOEFL 32 (Internet-based) or
  • IELTS 4.5 or
  • TOEIC 500 or
  • TU-GET 400


12. Question: If I am currently studying for my bachelor’s degree, can I apply?

      Answer:   Yes, but you must graduate before the upcoming semester in order to study here.


13. Question: Do I have to pay for my scholarship after I graduate from SIIT?

      Answer:   No, however if one of the below conditions is not met, your scholarship status may be revoked and you will have to pay back the tuition fees to SIIT:

                1. Maintain a cumulative GPA of not less than 3.25 with no “F”, “U”, “NP” or “W” grades.

                2. Make good progress in his/her master’s thesis/doctoral dissertation, and report his/her progress every semester.

                3. Assist in the Institute’s work for 30 hours per semester, focused primarily on exam proctoring for 24 hours, and laboratory supervision or tutoring courses for 6 hours.


14. Question: What is the admission process?

      Answer:    The admission Process is as follows:

                1. Applicants submit an online application via (during the application period) by uploading the required documents to the online application system, limited to a maximum of 5 MB/each file.

                2. The application is considered by SIIT committees.

                3. The successful candidates will be informed by the admission staff via e-mail.


15. Question: What do I have to do after submitting an application? When will the results be announced?

      Answer:    You can check the results on the SIIT website on the date announced in the schedule, and any future updates will be announced on the website. (