The required documents are following:

  1. New student registration form of TU, example  (Student ID required).
  2. A copy of citizen ID card (for Thai) or passport (for non-Thai) with signature.
  3. A copy of high school official transcript (graduation date must be specified) with signature.
  4. A copy of degree certificate (graduation date must be specified) with signature.
  5. A copy of high school education equivalence letter from the Ministry of Education (if you graduated abroad or International school) with signature.
  6. (If any) A copy of changing your name or surname (in the case that the information on your education documents are different from the information on your citizen ID card or passport) with signature.
  7. Medical certificate from a public or private hospital (including lung X-ray results).
  8. Education verification form.  
  9. A colored photo in TU uniform, size 1.5 or 2 inch.


For more information, please contact:

Academic Services and Registration Division, 2nd Floor, Main building, Rangsit Campus

Tel: 02-9869009 Ext. 1334

Fax: 02-9869009 Ext. 1340