Rangsit Campus
Bangkadi Campus
Bangkadi Campus

In 1999, FTI, with co-operation from Toshiba Thailand Co., Ltd., and Mitsui & Co. (Thailand), Ltd., provided 5.6 rai (0.9 hectare) of land with an existing office building in the Bangkadi Industrial Park (BIP) for SIIT’s use for a period of 30 years. Later, SIIT purchased two more parcels of land in the industrial park with areas of 4 rai (0.64 hectare) and 5 rai (0.8 hectare). The existing building was renovated and enlarged. The new building, which is called the IT&MT building, has a combined area of approximately 3,300 m2. The Computer Science and Information Technology programs moved to these new facilities in June 2002.

Another 6-story building with an area of 6,452 m2 was completed in October 2004. Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn graciously granted the use of the name “Sirindhralai” for this new building and graciously presided over the inauguration of this new building on June 28, 2006. It houses the School of Information, Computer, and Communication Technology (ICT), the School of Management Technology (MT), the Library and Information Services Center, the Computer Center, classrooms, and laboratories.

The third SIIT building is the SIIT Administration and Training Building, located in front of the Bangkadi Industrial Park on Tiwanond Road. It is a four-story building which aims to be a research and training center. The first floor is for car parking. Bangkok Bank and Thanachart Bank are located on the second floor. On the upper floors, there are graduate offices and research laboratories.
  • Computer Center
    A Computer Center office is located on the second floor of the Sirindhralai building. It supervises and maintains two laboratories for instruction and students’ use in mathematical and statistical problem solving, computer graphics, systems simulation, database applications and programming, computer networking, and general computing purposes. In addition, there are network access points in almost every room of the campus which connect to the Rangsit Campus of SIIT by a high-speed connection. Students can easily access the Internet either from their notebook computers, using wireless hotspots in every building, or from the computers in both the library and the computer laboratories.
  • Library and Information Services Center
    The Library at Bangkadi is located on the 3rd floor of the Sirindhralai Building. The Library has an excellent collection of textbooks, technical books, conference proceedings, reports, technical magazines, and journals in the fields of electronics and communication, instrumentation and control systems, computer science, information technology, engineering management, and management technology. Computer facilities are provided for accessing the library database, online databases and full-text journals, and for self-study. The library also provides wireless facilities for students to access the Internet and online information sources with their personal notebooks.
  • Infirmary
    The infirmary room is on the ground floor of the IT&MT building. A fully qualified nurse is in charge during weekdays to assist with minor medical problems and provide first-aid treatment.
  • Dormitories
    The SIIT International Residence at Bangkadi has two five-story buildings, one for male residents and another for female residents. There are 72 rooms on the 2nd-5th floors, which can accommodate up to 144 residents. Common rooms, canteen, and a launderette are located on the first floor, with a convenience store nearby. In addition, free internet Wi-Fi is provided for the residents on the ground floor.
  • Cafeteria and Canteen
    A variety of foods, snacks, and beverages are provided from vendors at reasonable prices at a cafeteria on the ground floor of the Sirindhralai building. Additionally, there is a canteen on the ground floor of the IT&MT building which serves snacks and beverages.
  • Sport Facilities
    There is a soccer field behind the Sirindhralai building. In addition, an outdoor basketball court is located next to the SIIT International Residence. There is a fitness center on the first floor of the SIIT International Residence. There is also a badminton gymnasium beside the dormitory buildings.