The Announcement of Student ID for EFS-U (2/2021)
25 Nov 2021

Name List of the Admitted Student with Student ID

1. Online Registration on 26 November - 3 December 2021

    Link: SIIT New International Student Registration 

    Please use *Gmail Account* to fill registration form only

2. Degree Verification

    Students are required to submit the Degree Verification Form to SIIT.

    The form can be downloaded  >>Here<<

3. Standardized Test Score Requirements for Exemption from
TU050, TU105, or TU104 courses (not required, if any)

If submitting standardized test scores, the score must have been obtained within 2 years before the submission date. 

**SIIT does not compel students to submit a score or apply for an exemption.  Students can only submit scores that they have received within the proper time frame as stated above.** 

The deadline for the submission is Friday, December 3, 2021.

For more information, please contact the English Training Unit (ETU), Department of Common and Graduate Studies (CGS), at tel. 02 986 9009 ext. 1801 or Email:   

4. Get a receipt of the Educational Support Fee payment

- How to get a receipt of the Education Support Fee payment

Choose YEAR 2021/2

- Get a receipt >>Click

*The system will be available after the payment for two weeks.