Research Units
Dynamic Networks Research Unit (DynaNet)
วันที่โพสต์ : 2022-01-11
The Dynamic Networks (DynaNet) research unit focuses on advanced topics in dynamic networking environments, including physical and virtual networks such as sensor networks, mobile ad hoc networks, vehicular networks, peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, content distribution networks, network virtualization, smart grid networking, and computational neuroscience networks. The unit focuses in both theoretical understanding and real-world applications and in educating future workforce in the networking area.

I. Objectives
- A. Short Term Objectives
The main objectives of the DynaNet are in developing practical applications in the field of dynamic networking, producing joint research papers, conducting efficient collaborative supervision of graduate students, and arranging for cooperation with other research groups and universities.
The Unit will focus on joint efforts to obtain necessary research funding and support from national and international funding agencies.

- B. Long Term Objectives
Develop educational programs in collaboration with other schools for dynamic networking relevant innovation. Focus on graduate programs with sponsors from universities, government, and industry.
Promote Dynamic Networks Research Center with several research groups working in this area within Asian countries.
Serve as a Network Infrastructure Information Center which publishes, assesses and recommends necessary developments in network infrastructure and its relevant applications in Thailand.

II. Members
- The DynaNet research unit is consisted of four faculty members from the School of Information, Computer, and Communication Technology (ICT) at SIIT. These faculty members have expertise in various fields but a common interest in networking. The list of the faculty members is as follows:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Komwut Wipusitwarakun 
(Unit Head)
Mobile Code, Internet and Computer Networking :
Wireless Mesh Networks, heterogeneous internetworking, Active Networks, Mobile Agents, Overlay Service Networks, Self-healing Networks, Cross-layer Protocol Design and Analysis, Network virtualization
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Steven Gordon
Telecommunications, Internet and Computer Networking :
Wireless Networks, Satellite Internet, Wireless Security, Distributed Computing and Middleware, Formal Methods and Petri Nets, System Protocol Design and Analysis.
III. Contact

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Komwut Wipusitwarakun 
Head, Dynamic Networks (DynaNet) Research Unit
Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT),
131 Moo 5, Tiwanont Road, Bangkadi, Muang,
Pathum Thani, 12000, Thailand
Tel: +66(2) 501-3505~20 Ext. 5006

IV. Research Projects: Past and Current
The past and current activities being involved by the DynaNet group members are as following:

1.Center for Intelligent Informatics
October 2010 – September 2013
Budget: 19,800,000.00 Baht
Source: Office of the Higher Education Commission (National Research University Project)
No. of Researchers = 20

2.Enhancement of Wireless Communication and Applications Research Laboratory Phase III
December 2010 – November 2011
Budget: N/A Baht
Source: TRIDI
No of. Researchers = 12

3.Enhancement of Wireless Communication and Applications Research Laboratory Phase II
December 2009 – November 2010
Budget: 6,760,000 Baht
Source: TRIDI (ʾ
Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology,
Thammasat University - Rangsit Campus
99 Moo 18, Km. 41 on Paholyothin Highway Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani 12120, Thailand
Tel : +66-2-986-9009~13,+66-2-986-9103~10, +66-2-564-3221~9
Fax : 02-986-9112-3