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Master of Engineering Program in Engineering Technology
(International Program)

Curriculum Title
    Master of Engineering in Engineering Technology (International Program)
Degree Title
    Master of Engineering (Engineering Technology)
Academic System
1.  All courses are conducted in English. An academic year is divided into 2 semesters. Each semester consists of 15 weeks. Courses may be offered for a summer semester of at least 8 weeks duration. The total number of lecture hours required for the summer semester is the same as that for the regular semester. Enrollment for summer courses is optional.

2.  Curriculum

  2.1 Study Plan

    The study plan consists of prescribed coursework (24 credits) and thesis (15 credits). A total of 39 credits is required for completion of the program.

  2.2 Thesis

    2.2.1 A student can register for a thesis after he or she has studied for at least 1 regular semester or has gained 12 credits with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00.

    2.2.2 Thesis Committee

The Thesis Committee consists of at least 3 members:

One principal advisor, one faculty member of SIIT or Thammasat University, and at least one member not being affiliated with Thammasat University who will serve as an external committee member.
  • The principal advisor must be an SIIT faculty member in the program or a related program.
  • A co-advisor (if any) must be a faculty member of SIIT or Thammasat University, or an expert outside Thammasat University with a doctoral degree or equivalent, or with an academic rank of at least associate professor in the program or a related program.
  • The external committee member must be an expert outside Thammasat University with a doctoral degree and holding an academic rank of at least assistant professor or equivalent, or without a doctoral degree but holding an academic rank of at least associate professor or equivalent. The specialization of the external committee member must be in a field related to the thesis topic.
  • The number of the committee members who are not the thesis advisor or co-advisor must not be less than the number of committee members who are the thesis advisor and co-advisor. The number of Thesis Committee members who are faculty members of SIIT or Thammasat University should not be less than that of the Thesis Committee members from outside.

    2.2.3 Thesis Final Defense Committee

The Thesis Final Defense Committee consists of the same members as the Thesis Committee. However, the defense committee must be chaired by a thesis committee member who is not the advisor or co-advisor.
Graduation Requirements
To graduate, students must meet the following minimum requirements:

1.  Twenty-four credits of taught courses required by the curriculum with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00. In addition, the grade of each of these courses must be at least C.

2.  Fifteen credits of thesis work and passing a thesis defense

3.  Approval of the thesis by the Thesis Committee

4.  Having at least one paper on thesis findings accepted for publication in an international journal, or a national journal approved by the Academic Review and Rank Assessment Committee of SIIT, or at least one paper accepted for publication in international conference proceedings

Please see the guideline for classifying international and national journals

5.  Having satisfied one of the following English proficiency requirements:
  • A TOEFL (official or institutional) score of at least 550 (paper-based), or 213 (computer-based), or 79 (internet-based)
  • An IELTS score of at least 6.5
  • A TU-GET score of at least 550
  • A TOEIC score of not less than 750 and pass the English efficiency evaluation by an SIIT native English speaker

Curriculum and Course Descriptions
Application Procedures and Application Form
  SIIT Thesis Template (Download)

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