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Each year the Institute's faculty members and staff visit a number of high schools to provide information about the Institute, its admission procedures, academic programs, etc. The Institute also welcomes high school students and parents to visit the Institute. The Admissions Division will be happy to arrange a meeting with faculty members and staff to discuss academic options for interested students.

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    СªͼԷͺ¹ɳçùѡ¹ռš¹ 1/2016

    ˹ͺçùѡ¹ռš¹ 1/2016 (ٹͺا෾) ´ ԡ

    ٹͺا෾ ´ ԡ

    ˹ͺçùѡ¹ռš¹ 1/2016 (ٹͺҧѧѴ) ´ ԡ

    ٹͺ§ ´ ԡ

    ٹͺ͹ ´ ԡ

    ٹͺɮ ´ ԡ

    ٹͺʧ ´ ԡ

    ٹͺ ´ ԡ

    СªͼԷͺ¹ɳçäѴ͡çʶҺѹ 1/2016

    ˹ͺçäѴ͡çʶҺѹ 1/2016 (ٹͺا෾) ´ ԡ

    ٹͺا෾ ´ ԡ

    ˹ͺçäѴ͡çʶҺѹ 1/2016 (ٹͺҧѧѴ) ´ ԡ

    ٹͺ§ ´ ԡ

    ٹͺ͹ ´ ԡ

    ٹͺɮ ´ ԡ

    ٹͺʧ ´ ԡ

    ٹͺ ´ ԡ

    ˹ѺѤ Ҥ¹ 2 ա֡ 2558

    ˹ѺѤ çäѴ͡çʶҺѹ ´ ԡ

    ˹ѺѤ ç蹼ŷͺҧ֡觪ҵ (GAT - PAT) ´ ԡ

    ˹ѺѤ ç蹼š÷ͺԪѭ 7 Ԫ ´ ԡ

    ˹ѺѤ ç蹤ṹҵðҹҡ ´ ԡ

    ˹ѺѤ çҪ֡ ´ ԡ

Applicant’s Qualifications
  • An applicant must earn a high school diploma that complies with the curriculum of the Ministry of Education (Thailand) or its equivalent from other countries (grade 12 or equivalent).
  • An applicant must not carry any seriously contagious disease, any disease that would be detrimental to his/her education, or any mental disorder.
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Admission’s Methods

A prospective student may apply for admission through one of the following methods:

  1. The national university entrance selection process, which is annually held by Office of the Commission for Higher Education (CHE).
  2. Outstanding students selection process, which is arranged in advance for M-6 students who have demonstrated outstanding academic records. Eligible students must be nominated by the school counsellor or headmaster.
  3. The entrance examination held by Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology. The written portion covers mathematics, physics or general science, and English.
  4. Submission of one of the following test results for evaluation:
    • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
    • International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) or General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)
    • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma
    • 6th Form or 7th Form or NCEA or NZQA
    • National Test Scores (O-Net, GAT, PAT).
  5. Transfer from another accredited university.
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Students who wish to apply through the national university entrance selection process must follow the procedures set by the Office of the Higher Education Commission. Those who choose the other methods must complete an application form and submit it to the Admissions Division before the application deadline. They may apply for admission in the first or second semester. Announcement of deadlines are available on the SIIT website.

Application Fee

Prospective students may apply online on the SIIT Registration web site ( or they may obtain the application form from the Admission and Public Relations Division, 1st Floor of SIIT Main Building, SIIT, Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus.

The application fee is 400 Baht (or US$ 15).

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Application Documents and Payment Methods istanbul hava durumu

English Placement Test
All admitted students are given the English Placement Test to determine their English language proficiency. Depending upon their level of proficiency, they may receive exemption of English courses or may be required to take an additional English course. istanbul hava durumu

Non-Degree Enrollment
Students or interested individuals may apply to register for courses as non-degree students.

Tuition fees:
3,800 Baht per Lecture Credit
5,000 Baht per Lab Credit
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Registration Documents and Payment Methods

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